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We have contributed our take on Samhain's "I Am Misery" to the July 9th release of "World Without End: An Underground Tribute to Samhain" on Black Donut Records. It is available on Vinyl (limited time), CD and Digital. We are currently in production on a video for "I Am Misery". You can read some press at Metal Alliance Magazine (Switzerland), No Cookie Reviews, Front View Magazine (Belgium), BraveWords (Canada), All About The Rock (UK), Gears of Rock, The Punk Site (Canada), Metal Odyssey

For details and to order CD & Digital: World Without End: An Underground Tribute to Samhain

More Bovine News

We wrote the theme song to a new bi-weekly web series on YouTube called "Scooby Panel" hosted by Nikki Blake of
Check it out here:

Still More Bovine News

We have started writing and recording our next release. It will be a full length LP to be released digitally and on a limited number of vinyl pressings. More details to follow.
On “Giving Little Robots to Children,” Bovine Nightmares offer up reckless dynamism and delicious cultural sonic/visual dislocations, as well as singularly imaginative music. - Randall Radic, Old Pink/Medium

Nightmares in the Valley Vol. I, II & III (Now Available)

Bovine Nightmares Nightmares in the Valley Vol. I - III (3 EPs)
Hell Comes to Hecktown (Volume I), Heck Comes to Hellertown (Volume II), Bedlam Comes to Bethlehem (Volume III)
Hell Comes to Hecktown (Volume I) Heck Comes to Hellertown (Volume II) Bedlam Comes to Bethlehem (Volume III)