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Back Stage With Spike

"The other big standout for me is I Am Misery by @bovine_nightmares. The unhinged wailings of the madman fronting this outfit remind me of #MikePatton at his most psychotic."

- No Cookie Reviews

"I Am Misery by Bovine Nightmares, chaotic and schizophrenic vocals - and longer than average for a punk track! Proof, if any, that horned animals have lead in their guts."

- Segolene Cugnod, Metal Alliance Magazine

"On 'Giving Little Robots to Children,' Bovine Nightmares offer up reckless dynamism and delicious cultural sonic/visual dislocations, as well as singularly imaginative music."

- Randall Radic, Old Pink/Medium, USA

"Bovine Nightmares create some of the most unique types of hard rock we’ve ever heard..."

- James McQuiston, NeuFutur Magazine, USA

"It’s hard to get cohesive in a virgin outing, but in this particular release, Bovine Nightmares hit it out of the park without getting too cocky about their prowess."

- Jordan Raab, Music Existence, USA

"'Giving Little Robots to Children' is a stab at experimental greatness, and for what I look for in an eclectic metal song, it’s got all the right stuff and then some."

- Scott Carlito, Indie Band Guru

"Metal needed some more color this year, and it looks like this band is going to provide it."

- Heather Savage,

"'Giving Little Robots To Children', sounds as bizarre as its name, but we can guarantee you'll love it."

- Lisa Hafey, Essentially Pop, London, England, UK

"Erikk the Broken, Steampunk Munky, and The Mighty Tavros have carved out a unique little spot for themselves with a sound that’s akin to the Melvins, Faith No More, and Tom Waits, all handcuffed to the same radiator."

- RJ Frometa, Vents Magazine, Canada, Dominican Republic, Italy

"The substance of the melodies is undisputedly pure metal in the vein of Dio Sabbath, but in execution, this band owes just as much to Black Flag and the Misfits as they do anyone on the other side of the rock spectrum."

- Mindy McCall, IndiePulse Music, USA