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We are on Episode 70 of
Back Stage With Spike


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"A Future of Bad Men - a Melvins Tribute"

9 bands, including us covering "The Bit" from Stag (1996)
Limited to 250 Records! Digital also available. Pre-Order Now!
A Future of Bad Men - a Melvins Tribute

Melvins Tribute Review from Inhale the Heavy


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Recording is Underway

We have been busy this summer tracking for our debut record to be released on Black Donut Records.
Melvins Tribute
  • Pre-release cover song and video.
    Need to add vocals, mix, master, make a video.
    The title is a surprise, but we can tell you it is from 1954.

  • "Sacrifice for the Gods" - 1st single
    Need to add vocals, mix, master, make a video
Munky with his Upright Bass

Melvins Tribute

Test pressings are in for the Melvins Tribute on Black Donut Records. Preorders open on September 2nd! Track list and artwork coming soon... Melvins Tribute

Samhain Tribute

Only 1 Record and 5 CDs still available at: Black Donut Records
Samhain Tribute